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Solo Duo Trio Rules 



  • May 23rd - St Mary's Star of the Sea, Super Solo Day.

  • July 7th - 11th - Caboolture Memorial Hall - Queensland. Solos, Duos and Trios.

  • September 21st to 22nd - Fraser Coast, Brolga Theatre - Solos, Duos and Trios.

  • October - Woonona Bulli RSL, Dance Solos, Duos and Trios. ​

  •  AGE is at First Day of Competition you are entering. 



  • Everybody Sing and dance Now, reserves the right to run up to One AND A HALF HOURS early at any events WE HAVE.

  • Therefore it is a very good idea to arrive earlier in case this happens. 

  • EBSDN  holds NO responsibility if you miss your event if we have run early.

  • We do update our Facebook Page regularly regarding running times, when an event is running.

  • It is the responsibility of the studio ( for troupes) , parent or guardian (solos/duos/trios) who have entered into the event to have access to this information.




  • Super Solo Day Includes Workshops and Competition - $80.00 

  • Wollongong and Caboolture - Solos $20

  • Fraser Coast - Solos $22

  • Improvisations - $18

  • Duo or Trio - $30


  • Mr and MISS EBSDN $30

  • Shining Stars $25.00 to be paid at event. 

  • Troupes and Singing Groups  $40.00

  • Compulsory Solo/Duo and Trio Spectator Pass $35.00

  • Prices are subject to change at any time.                                                                                                                       

  • Any competitor who has been a regular pupil of the adjudicators within 1 year, prior to the opening date of  competition may compete for critique only. 

  • Entries close when competition is FULL.

  • Please enter as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

  • Entries that have NOT been paid for will not be accepted until payment has been received. 

  • Payment is via PayPal when entering online.

  • No refunds will be granted, unless a section has been cancelled by Everybody Sing and Dance Now.

  • When entering through website an invoice will be emailed to you. 

  • This is not confirmation your entry has been accepted. 

  • Entry is not accepted or processed until payment is received by Everybody Sing and Dance Now.

  • Entries can only be made with our online booking system and payment can be made with PayPal.

  • Entries cannot be submitted or paid for any other way. 


  • Restricted: For performers who have not won their section. ​

  • Open: For performers who have won restricted for that style. ie jazz, tap, lyrical etc etc. ​

  • Elite: For performers who have won in open the past year and  part or full time students. 


  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now does not accept late entries, also once entry has been received there is NO REFUND.

  • Once the program is available a $5.00 fee will be charged for any changes or adjustments to current entries.

  • This includes changing the style of the performance, changing the age group,changing from restricted to open etc, or any other changes that are a result of your incorrect registration.

  • This fee will not be charged when Everybody Sing and Dance Now have made an error, or we combine sections and have offered alternative sections.

  • ADMITTANCE - Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserve the right to refuse entry to any person.​

  • On entry you give your consent for Everybody Sing and Dance Now  to use and retain the name and image of your child for the purposes of public relations, media and promotion in print or through the EBSDN Facebook page and website. This consent would remain in place for 3 years.



  • NO refunds will be issued after your entry has been received and you cannot ask for a refund for change of mind. You cannot make changes once program has been finalised.

  • A refund will only be offered if Everybody Sing and Dance Now  has CANCELLED a section.

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserves the right to combine low section numbers. 

 MUSIC  🎵 🎶 

  • First and foremost - All music, lyrics and dance attire MUST be age appropriate! 

  • Time limits are the maximum allowed and will be counted from the moment the music or dialogue begins.​

  • If performers go over this, you will receive a 5 point deduction. ​

  • Performers must adhere to copyright responsibilities.​

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now are not responsible for any infringement of copyright, royalty or privacy laws by performers or persons associated with the performance. ​

  • All music will need to be received before the start of your session not your section.​

  • Make sure you have a backup, ALWAYS. USB. IPAD etc etc.


  • EBSDN ONLY USE  - USB please make sure it is labelled correctly. (see example below) 

  • USB each song and genre must be labelled clear and concise when our music operator opens it up our laptop and in the order they are performing in. Please put performers name and genre on there.​

  • You can put all your songs on the one USB as long as it’s labelled in the order your performing is performing in! If it is not in order of how they perform, our music operator does not know what they dance too or what songs their jazz, tap, contemporary etc etc.​

  • Our Music Operator does not know what your performer is dancing or singing too, or if they start on or off stage or what section they are in.​

  • When handing in your USB please let our VOLUNTEER on music desk know that all your music is on one USB and make sure they write that next to your performers name in the program.​

  • Please place your USB in a clear sandwich bag (we will have some available on the day) with a list of all the songs on USB and the section number, competitor numbers and on/off stage. ​

  • This is the information that we need in order to run the competition smoothly.​

  • Remember to pick up music and reports at front desk, failure to do so will see them placed in rubbish after the event.​​


  • This is the information below; we need in order to run the competition smoothly.

  • Performers Name: Jon Martin

  • Section Number: 2 

  • Competitor: 3 

  • Starts On or Off Stage: On

  • Name Music On USB. So when we open it up on our laptop, we know what to play. 



  • To qualify for EBSDN Championships you must be registered. 

  • Performers need to have a minimum of 3 Solos registered to compete for the overall Championship

  • Performers are not required to perform again for the Championship Section.

  • They will be awarded on a point based system with their highest scoring solo their Championship Routine.

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now, also reserves the right to pull the age category if entrant number quota is not met.

  • We do need 6 registered in the section or we will cancel section. 

  • If more than one competitor has the top score, their second highest score is then considered and so forth.

  • Championship Categories

  • Solo Only – Championship section will be broken up into the following sections.

  • 5 years and under

  • 7 years and under​

  • 9 years and under 

  • 11 years and under

  • 13 years and under

  • 15 years and under

  • Open Age. 

15 + years and over 

 Mr and MISS EBSDN - This section does require a new routine. 

  • In our MR and MISS EBSDN section.

  • It's about what our performers bring to entertain our audience in this section.

  • To be able to enter this new section, the performer must have danced in two of the following sections.

  • Fast Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Song and Dance, Musical Theatre, Jazz Impro or Prop Impro! 

  • Entertainment is what matters the most in this section!

  • We do need to see that great technique and those BIG personalities!! 

  • Mr and Miss EBSDN will be judged on.

  • Technique 25

  • Entertainment Factor 40

  • Stage Presence 25

  • Choreography 10


  • Total = 100 



  • All soloists placing first in their sections at our solo events are invited to attend the EBSDN FINALS

  • We will also have every day, 4 wild Shining Star Cards to be given out. 

  • You will need to register at our music desk and there is a fee of $25 to enter.

  • Please be sure you pay and confirm that you will be taking part, by getting your name marked onto the show run, before you leave.

  • We will have new adjudicator an MC and it will be run like a show.




  • STOCKINGS must be worn for all Improvisation sections.

  • A plain BLACK ballet skirt may be worn for Ballet and Lyrical sections and plain BLACK shorts may be worn for jazz and tap.​

  • Plain BLACK crop tops and dance shorts or pants are permitted for hip hop improvisation sections.

  • Girls Hair - MUST be in a bun for improvisation sections, except for hip hop where it can be in a ponytail or bun.​

  • BOYS to wear for Jazz improvisation BLACK shorts or pants and BLACK or WHITE singlet or t-shirt. ​

  • Tap BLACK trousers and BLACK or WHITE shirt. ​

  • Hip Hop BLACK shorts or pants and BLACK or WHITE t-shirt or singlet.​

  • Ballet tights and BLACK OR WHITE shirt.​

  • Modern/Contemporary BLACK shorts or pants and BLACK or WHITE t-shirt or shirt.



  • Jazz - A routine that utilises jazz technique.

  • Tap - A routine utilising tap technique.

  • Hip Hop - A routine that consists of street styles of dance.

  • Song and Dance - A routine that combines singing and dancing. 

  • Broadway Jazz  - A routine that consists Fosse’s work, which is exemplified by Broadway shows such as Chicago, Cabaret and Sweet Charity. 

  • Modern/Lyrical - A routine that Is a fusion of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance techniques.

  • Lyrical dance is performed to music with lyrics that inspire the choreography and that are used to express strong emotions or cover a clear theme.

  • Contemporary - A routine utilising a contemporary style of movement, which may be abstract or fluid.

  • Non-traditional lines and shapes can be used, and choreography may incorporate a story line, theme or mood.

  • Classical Ballet - A routine that consists of classical steps and ballet technique.

  • Demi Character - 

  • Own Choice - A routine demonstrating any dance style or combination of dance styles.




  • Classical - Classical music describes music that is considered serious or intellectual and is usually written in a traditional or formal style, as opposed to such genres as pop, rock and folk music. Classical music includes music by composers from Albonini to Bach, Chopin, DeBussy, Elgar, Franck, Gerswin, Handel, Ibert, Janaceck, Kuhlau, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Offenbach, Palestrina, Rimsky-Korsakov, Stravinsky, Teleman, Verdi and Wagner.​

  • Up Tempo - Up-tempo is fast and lively. Live or recorded accompaniment.​

  • Ballad - Ballad is a narrative set to music. Live or recorded accompaniment.​

  • Country - Songs with simple chords, a strong story line, memorable chorus.

  • Live or recorded accompaniment.​

  • Musical Theatre - IN COSTUME Any song from a musical stage production or film sung in the original form, in costume. Live or recorded accompaniment.​

  • Song from a TV Movie - Song MUST be from a TV MOVIE - (not a stage show) 

  • Disney or Pixar - Song from a Disney or Pixar Movie G Rated​

  • Hit Parade - Songs from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s - Songs from the 50’s, 60’s - The Everly Brothers, Sam Cooke, 60’s - The Monkeys, Sandy Shaw, 70’s - Helen Reddy, Elton John.

  • Own Choice - Your choice of song, must be age appropriate. Live or recorded accompaniment.

  • Hit Parade - Songs from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s -The Everly Brothers, Sam Cooke, 60’s - The Monkeys, Sandy Shaw, 70’s - Helen Reddy, Elton John.


  • By entering Everybody Sing and Dance Now you agree to abide by the rules and regulations as outlined in our Syllabus. ​

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now public liability does not comprehensively cover injury to performers therefore individuals and studios must ensure that they are adequately covered whilst performing or otherwise enter at their own risk. ​

  • By entering Everybody Sing and Dance Now, you give consent  to use and retain the name and image of your child for the purposes of public relations, media and promotion in print or through our social media and website. This consent would remain in place for 3 years unless you advise otherwise.​

  • Rules and Regulations pertaining to each section are outlined in this Syllabus and will not be repeated in the program.

  • Changes to some rules may occur from year to year, therefore it is imperative that all instructions are read carefully. Disqualification may follow if rules are not observed.​

  • Time limits stated are maximum allowed.​

  • Cameras are not permitted and mobile phones must be switched off at all times in dressing rooms and backstage areas.​

  • Competitors must change in dressing rooms and public areas are not be utilised as change rooms.​

  • No food or drink permitted in dressing rooms apart from bottled water.​

  • Absolutely no rehearsing in corridors, passageways or side stage.​

  • Good quality music must be provided. No tapes or re-writable CD's - one item per device. Every care taken but no responsibility for loss of music. Please bring backup. No tags will be played. Music left at the venue, will be placed in the rubbish. ​

  • The use of glitter spray and hairspray may be a health hazard for some competitors. These must be used with great care in a well - ventilated area preferably in the open air.

  • Bullying - Everybody Sing and Dance Now, does not tolerate bullying, including inappropriate comments or actions. This will NOT be tolerated at ANY - Everybody Sing and Dance Now event and will result in instant disqualification, upon investigation.​

  • Repeats - Performers in Open Sections from 9yrs and over cannot repeat their dance after forgetting it, they will be judged on what they have performed. They will not be eligible for a place. Repeats will be allowable for younger age groups at the discretion of the adjudicator.​

  • Repeats in restricted sections 9/under after breakdown, will be able to repeat their performance for the adjudicator and marked on such an attempt.


  • Participating in sport or dance competitions can be rigorous and result in injury. They can include, but not limited to, sprains, bruises, pulled muscles, and broken bones.

  • Participation in Everybody Sing and Dance Now indicates the acceptance of such risks by performers and troupes.​

  • Therefore, by virtue of entering this event, it is agreed that participants will not hold Everybody Sing and Dance Now or its officers, directors, staff, volunteers responsible for any sustained injuries sustained or illness contracted by them while in attendance and /or participating in any activity related to Everybody Sing and Dance Now.

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now and the hosting venues are not responsible for personal injury to contestants, spectators or staff.​

  • The safety of our competition dancers, spectators and staff  is paramount at all EBSDN events.  ​

  • Due to Everybody Sing and Dance Now being a public event we encourage all attendees to - Supervise children at all times.It is advisable that if you have a child under 13yrs of age, an adult should go to the toilet with them. ​

  • FIRST AID BE SAFE and come prepared! Not all venues have the facilities for ice-packs etc Each Studio (entered in groups) MUST provide their own first aid person, ice, and first aid kit. Everybody Sing and Dance Now volunteers and staff are not responsible for providing any first aid equipment or ice/heat products.


  • Photographs/recordings of participants by any of the Everybody Sing and Dance Now  staff, contractors, or members of the press become the property of Everybody Sing and Dance Now and may be used for future publicity. ​

  • The use of photos and videos for marketing purposes is granted to Everybody Sing and Dance Now upon receipt of a paid entry. This consent would remain in place for 4 years.

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now and its organizers are not responsible for any injuries incurred and your registration and participation mean implied consent. {Please read safety and injury}​

  • Third party photos are strictly prohibited, Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserves the right to control and mandate all venue images, the sale of any photos for profit from a Everybody Sing and Dance Now competition by any third party vendor, studio or patron is strictly prohibited.​

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserves the right to change competition days or move location due to unforeseen circumstances and entries will not be refunded.​

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now does not accept late entries, also once entry has been received there is NO REFUND.​

  • We DO NOT provide refunds for change of mind, clash with another competition, other commitment or if you have made a mistake e.g. double entries.

  • If the  dancer is injured, we will transfer to another event or offer a refund with the doctors certificate, only! ​

  • Once the program is available a $5.00 fee will be charged for any changes or adjustments to current entries. 

  • This includes changing the style of the performance, changing the age group, changing from small, medium to large, or any other changes that are a result of your incorrect registration. ​

  • This fee will not be charged when Everybody Sing and Dance Now have made an error, or we combine sections and have offered alternative sections.



1. Unless otherwise stated, Everybody Sing and Dance Now is for amateur performers only i.e. any person who does not derive nor has ever derived his or her main income or a substantial income as a teacher and/or performer in the particular category of performing arts for which he/she wishes to enter.


An amateur refers to a person whose principal source of income is not and has not been derived from the exercise or teaching of dance. Performers must enter and compete in their own age group, and no competing below age is permitted.


Performers may enter an age group older than their own, if a genre isn’t available in their own age group. No person may enter under a name other than their own, and entries are not transferable.


Performers must be ready to compete in the order in which their name appears in the program and will not be allowed to compete out of section.No performer will be allowed to compete more than once in any solo section unless sections are combined.

2. Competitors must be aware of copyright responsibilities. Everybody Sing and Dance Now is in no way responsible for personal breach of copyright. If in doubt APRA and  AMCOS may be contacted directly.

3. Entries close: May 10, 2019. To assist the office, please submit entries as early as possible online. Online payment will be by PayPal or direct debit.

4. Enter online at www.ebsdn.com.au  No late entries. For assistance in entering please

contact the office admin@ebsdn.com 

5. It is the responsibility of the entrants, teacher, parent or carer to list the correct section numbers on entry. The Committee accepts no responsibility for incorrect entries received.

6. Entry fees are not refundable unless the section is cancelled by Everybody Sing and Dance Now or there is an error in programming.

7. Unless otherwise stated, any one item may be performed once only by a competitor during the Event - except for Shining Stars. 

8. Time limits must be observed. These are the maximum - an item may be shorter than the limit but not exceed it. Should time limits be exceeded, the adjudicator will penalise.

9. Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserves the right to cancel, combine or split any section/s.

10.Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserves the right to appoint a new adjudicator should it be deemed necessary.

11. If there are not  two performers in a section, that section will be merged with another section or cancelled. 

12. The decision of the adjudicator is final.

13. Prompting, except by an adjudicator is not permitted.

14. Performers who have been pupils of an adjudicator within six months prior to event start date will only be eligible for report ONLY.

15. Unless specifically invited by the adjudicator, contact must not be made directly by teachers, competitors or parents.

16. Mobile phones must be switched off in backstage and change room areas at all venues. No cameras allowed in these areas. Mobile phones, cameras and video recorders.No photographs during a performance.

17. Any item having to withdraw after entering must notify Everybody Sing and Dance Now as soon as possible to ensure smooth programming of the event. 

18. Performers must be present at the beginning of the session as withdrawals may alter the order of appearance. Due to this, it is unwise to anticipate exact performance times.

19. Any protest or objection must be referred to Jenny  within 30 minutes of the Adjudicator's decision In the case of a dispute arising in respect of the age of any competitor and his/her eligibility to appear in any age grouping.


Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserves the right to request a copy of the birth certificate of that competitor.

Anonymous letters will NOT be considered and if there is any out pouring on Social Media in bullying a performer, parent, teacher, volunteer or adjudicator. Whoever is responsible will not be able to enter an Everybody Sing and Dance Now event, again. 

20. Every care will be taken for competitors' safety, but Everybody Sing and Dance Now will not be responsible for any injuries sustained by any performer and or damage to property during the Event. 

21. Teachers please note - there will be no additions to the printed program unless the omission is the fault of Everybody Sing and Dance Now. 

22.  Everybody Sing and Dance Now has the right to amend the program at any time.

23. Performers and/or winner's names and/or photographs may be used on our social media and in the media. Should this not be appropriate the EBSDN office MUST BE notified.

24. Everybody Sing and Dance Now has the power to decide any question not contained in these rules and regulations.

25. Failure to comply wholly or partly with any of the rules and regulations may result in disqualification or the withholding of prizes. The decision of Everybody Sing and Dance Now on any question or dispute shall be absolutely final.

26. Performers must change in their designated area - No public area to be used for changing.

27. The use of the house curtain is prohibited.

28. Props must be free standing and able to be quickly placed on the stage. No props that cause debris ie. talc powder, confetti, glitter or popping of balloons is allowed.

29. Duo and Trio sections, performers may perform three times in these sections.
In duos and  trios, the eldest performer must enter the relevant age section.

30. All performers must have at least one backup copy of their music. 

31. Should a performer (11 years and under ) leave the stage as a result of having forgotten their routine, they may be permitted to reappear on discretion of the adjudicator, but it will be for a report only. 

32. No Tags will be played by audio operator.

33. No microphones to be used in any section, except vocal sections. 

34. No performer is to perform anywhere other than the stage area. This includes entry, exits and absolutely NO jumping off the stage.

35. The age of the competitors for solos, duos and trios will be as at FIRST DAY OF COMPETITION the right to call upon any PERFORMER or studio to furnish a birth certificate or copy thereof and to withhold any prize until such certificate has been furnished.

36. Inappropriate and suggestive movement, costuming and /or obscene language is not permitted. The Adjudicator may comment and/or penalise.