Pre Senior Major Titles

Pre Senior Major Titles


    • REFUNDS 

    • Please note, EBSDN (Everybody Sing and Dance Now) competitions are prepared months in advance. We pay out for all prizes, venue deposits, insurances, staff, staff travel and accommodation, flooring, adjudicators, their travel and accommodation etc etc. 

    • Your entries into our competitions, which you enter months or weeks before we run, are what we use to pay for all the outgoings above.  

    • EBSDN (Everybody Sing and Dance Now), does reserve the right to change competition days or move the location due to unforeseen circumstances and entries will not be refunded, but we will give a credit to another of our competitions.

    • Performers are not entitled to any refund of fee or transfer of fees in case of nonappearance in any section or if you or your performer/ performers choose, they do not want to perform anymore or routine or routines are not polished or finished.

    • We DO NOT provide refunds for change of mind, change of mind regarding EBSDN rules, clash with another competition or commitment or the performer/s decide they do not want to partake in competitions, anymore. 

    • If you have made a mistake (e.g., double entries) or the performer is injured (with proof) we will transfer to another one of our competitions.

    • By entering the competition, you agree that we are to provide an event that is a competition.

    • DUE TO COVID-19 - If at any point the GOVERNMENT changes the rulings of events or they close borders, or you live in a hot spot or we as organisers live in a hot spot, or the venue moves our dates. EBSDN will do one of three things. 

    • A: The competition will become an online competition whereby each performer or troupe will head back to their studios to perform and then upload the videos to Music Uploads. 

    • We will after every remaining performance has been uploaded to Music Uploads, we will make the event LIVE for those entered into the competition to view. 

    • Each performance will be judged online with voice critiques and the same prizes we would have at a live competition, will be mailed to each performer or studio, at a cost. 

    •  B: With the venue's help we will reschedule the competition to a future date.

    • Please understand that EBSDN is prepared and determined to run every event as planned in 2022. The competitions that have opened for 2022 are all locked in, staffed and ready to go forward.  The only thing that will stop EBSDN is if the State Government restricts us.

    • It is possible that we may be able to postpone certain competitions, with the venue's help. 

    • EBSDN has successfully held online events, and we have successfully moved EBSDN to future dates and I feel secure in the knowledge that it will be successful. 

    • C: If your studio has a COVID 19 outbreak before the competition.

    • It is up to the studio director to make contact with Jenny from EBSDN and inform her of this.

    • The situation will then be dealt with directly by Jenny and Studio Director. 

    • Each Studio or Student that contracts COVID -19 will have to provide a clearance letter from NSW OR QLD HEALTH to show that you are now negative. 

    • Everyone's health and safety comes first and foremost.