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EBSDN uses Music Uploads to upload your music and listen to your voice critiques and it also stores your videos, if you purchase any and EBSDN. 
Music Uploads is a cloud-based platform available Australia wide that allows our customers to upload their music prior to an EBSDN competition.

It allows you to listen to your voice critiques and EBSDN uses it to upload your videos too. 
Using Music Uploads takes out the stress of music not playing, stopping halfway through or wrong songs played on the day of competition. 

Their popular Voice Critiques software is also included, and we will upload the critiques direct into your account.

EBSDN also uses Music Uploads to upload your videos into the same system.

If you do not have an account, they offer different storage plans that allow you to store your Music, Voice Critiques and Videos from different competitions all in one location.

You will need to purchase a region add-on for any new competition you would like to add to the service.

Please understand that some mobile devices will not be compatible with Music Uploads, and you are BEST to use a computer and google chrome when uploading your music.

As those two combined do have the BEST results for a better OUTCOME! 

We ask you to please watch Music Uploads Support Videos, before you contact them for help and please watch their support videos. ( they are detailed and very good) 

It is very IMPORTANT that you do not MISS the CUT OFF date for each competition to UPLOAD YOUR MUSIC!

Once Music Uploads CLOSES and you have NOT uploaded your music, your performer can not perform. 


For each competition that is entered, you will need to add a region to your cloud account.

This will link the Music, Critiques and Videos so they can be transferred or viewed from one to the other. 

The fee for this is per Family, Studio or School is $2.50, and there is no limit to siblings or students, it will just depend on your selected storage plan.  


If you have already uploaded your music to this service before, you can simply purchase the region add-on, and transfer your music over to us.

If you are new to this, you need to set up the cloud storage account first and confirm it is active.

Upload your Music into the Storage Folder in your account. 

Transfer a copy of the songs to the Region, you can check them to make sure they are all correct. Done! No need to stress about your music now, as you now can see the music is 100% ready to go.

Just Remember, It is the responsibility of the performers to ensure that they have the correct music files uploaded to each routine.

You can change your music files at any time before the cut-off dates, and this is all done within your Music Uploads  account, you have full control over this.


Critiques will be uploaded each afternoon, please be patient as sometimes the WIFI at venues = ahhhh

To access these, log into your Music Uploads account and on the main dashboard page look to the top left of the screen or on a mobile device click on the menu list.

EBSDN videography is collaborating with Music Uploads and we will deliver your videos directly into your storage account. 


If you would like some support there are videos located on the support page or you can send a ticket in, and one of the team members will respond to you.

DO NOT Post on Social Media, Text or Message any questions to these pages, as the support team will not see them. You must send a ticket from the support page so they can offer you some assistance.


You will ask, where do we get our voice critiques?

The answer is - log into look to the Top Left corner on the Dashboard page, You will see a  “ML” icon, This is where your critiques will be. 


We will upload your reports, when we have a break or get time.

Please understand, they DO take a while to upload and it also depends on the internet signal.

Please….be patient and allow between - 2 to 48 hours!

If you would like some help, use the Support Button, Do Not Post questions on Facebook , they will not see them there.


NOTE: Mobile phones are best not to used as some will be incompatible, please use a computer and Google Chrome. 

Music Uploads website -

Step 1: Add New Region

Step 2: Upload Music to Storage Folder

Step 3: Transfer Music to Competition

Step 4: Check Your Music

Video Getting Started -

Support - If you have watched the getting started video and would like some further help, you can contact Music Uploads Via / Live chat within the system, or click support.

Please do not leave messages on their Facebook page, as they are missed. 

Please use their Support Chat if needed.

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