Music Uploads Moving Forward With EBSDN 

NOWRA - Cut off date to upload your music is the 1st October, 2020. 

Before you start to upload, it is way easier to use on a laptop or desktop.

Next - When you choose your plan, choose the package that best suits you.

Then you will find it is only, $2.50 per eisteddfod for that peace of mind....OMG all my music is uploaded and one less thing to worry about on the day = YAHOO!

You must make sure you have all your music prepared, as in named appropriately and in MP3 format.

You say to yourself....How do I convert to MP3: Use iTunes or the free software that Robert has on his Dashboard on Music Uploads website -

You will find on their website, that they have support videos.


If you get stuck use the live chat support, I highly recommended it!! 


       Step 1 (create account) If you are unsure watch the 'getting started' video.


  • 1. Go to

  • 2. Create an account 

  • ​3. Choose your plan 

  • ​4. Add Region

  • 5. Follow prompts to pay $2.50 (for this eisteddfod)

  • 6. Select 'back to your account'

  • Step 2 (upload music) If you are unsure watch the 'getting started' video.

  • 1. Add your performer

  • 2. Add your new music

  • 3. Select competition

  • 4. Select region

  • 5. Select day of performance.

  • ​6. Select performer

  • 7. Select section

  • 8. Select whether you start on or off stage

  • 9. Choose file to upload

  • ​10. Check Your Music


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