Music Uploads Moving Forward With EBSDN 

Music Uploads Management is coming to us, we will now be using this service for our competitions.

It’s contactless, all online, and will help take out the stress of music issues that arise from time to time, Plus they offer Voice critiques and all in one storage location including the option to access the routine videos.

As a requirement to enter into the competition you will be required to upload your music via this service,

" in the given time period" no other options will be given.


No CDs ,USB’s will be used now as we are using this system totally contactless.  


Music Uploads offer this service and include features that will handle our music. This is a low cost paid service, (less than the cost of a USB) and includes a full range of benefits for The Dancers, Parents, and Studio owners, and event organisers. You will be required to have a valid "music upload cloud storage" that will allow you to store your Music, Voice Critiques, and Routine Videos all in one location. 


Plans are charged at a Minimum of 3 to 12 months starting at less than $1/month, Plus your music can be transferred to other participating competitions all over Australia without having to re upload your music each time.  


Region Add-Ons 

For each competition that is entered, you will need to add a region to your cloud account.

This will link the Music, Critiques and Videos so they can be transferred or viewed from one to the other.

The fee for this is per Family, Studio or School is $2.50, and there is no limit to siblings or students, it will just depend on your selected storage plan.  


How it Works

If you have already uploaded your music to this service before, you can simply purchase the region add-on, and transfer your music over to us.

If you are new to this, you need to set up the cloud storage account first and confirm it is active.



Upload your Music into the Storage Folder in your account. 

Transfer a copy of the songs to the Region, you can check them to make sure they are all correct. Done! No need to stress about your music now, as you now can see the music is 100% ready to go.

Just Remember, It is the responsibility of the competitors to ensure that they have the correct music files uploaded to each routine. You can change your music files at any time before the cutoff dates, and this is all done within your Music Uploads  account, you have full control over this from now. 


Critiques and Videos

Critiques will be uploaded either on the day or after the event has finished. 

To access these, log into your Music Uploads account and on the main dashboard page look to the top Left of the screen or on a mobile device click on the Menu list.

If the onsite video company is collaborating with Music Uploads they will deliver your videos directly into your storage account. 



If you would like some support there are videos located on the support page or you can send a ticket in, and one of the team members will respond to you. DO NOT Post on Social Media , Text or Message any questions to these pages, as the support team will not see them. You must send a ticket from the support page so they can offer you some assistance.

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