Welcome to Everybody Sing and Dance Now.
 Our main goal is to always have a safe platform for young performers, to perform on. 

             What we are grateful for is your continued support.    







  • Contact tracing will apply during EBSDN events, therefore all attendees MUST scan EBSDN QR code on entry to the event.

  • Please make sure you, or anyone accompanying you are not showing signs or symptoms of a cough, cold or flu at the time of the event as stated by the relevant Government COVID-19 Restrictions, or if you have a fever, above 37.5 degrees Celsius, at the time of the event.

  • If you are supposed to be in isolation at the time the event commences as per current government guidelines, you are not allowed to attend EBSDN. 

  • You agree to follow the directions of the COVID-19 Plan and Rules provided at all times when in attendance of EBSDN.

  • You must remove yourself or anyone accompanying you that have the above symptoms.

  • PLEASE READ AND AGREE at point of entry of your routines – THIS IS A STRICT MUST DO! 

  • CONDITION OF ENTRY without agreement on your entry will not allow your entry to be processed. 

  • The hosting of this event is subject to the evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Please understand that an EBSDN LIVE event may be suspended or modified at any time without notice.

  • EBSDN will take all steps necessary to ensure that the event is compliant with rules and guidelines issued by The Government leading up to and at the time of the event.

  • If at any point the GOVERNMENT changes the rulings of events, closes the border and the venues move our dates again, I will make the move to have the competition moved to another date, or move the competition online.

  • We have successfully held online events, and I feel secure in the knowledge that it will be successful, due to GOVERMENT changes.

  • Due to COVID-19 occupancy rules, limits and restrictions EBSDN will not be selling spectator tickets for any 2021 events, at the door.

     How do I enter the Eisteddfod?

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now uses an online entry program.

  • To access the website head too  - www.ebsdn.com

  • If you have any difficulties completing your entry online, phone 0423 241 774. or email admin@ebsdn.com 


  • DUE TO COVID-19 - If at any point the GOVERNMENT changes the rulings of events or they close borders, or you live in a hot spot or we as organisers live in a hot spot, or the venue move our dates. 

  • There are NO REFUNDS as we will move the competition to a future date or move the competition online, as it is the only way forward. 

  • We have successfully held online events, and I feel secure in the knowledge that it will be successful, if the GOVERNMENT changes rules, or any of the above happens! 


  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now, does reserve the right to change competition days or move the location due to unforeseen circumstances as pointed out above and entries will not be refunded, but we can and will give a  full credit to another of our events. 

  • We DO NOT provide refunds for change of mind, change of mind regarding EBSDN rules, if your performer no longer wants to perform, clash with another competition or persoanl commitment, or studio commitment. 

    If you have made a mistake (e.g. double entries) or the dancer is injured (with proof) we will transfer to another one of our events.




  • All attendees, including but not limited to, Dancers, Singers, Parents/Care Givers, Teachers, Directors, Volunteers and Patrons, indemnify and keep indemnified Everybody Sing and Dance Now ( EBSDN) and its committee members and operators on both a commercial and personal basis against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, and expenses whatsoever which may be made against the registered EBSDN and or its volunteer members in carrying out the duties and requirements in terms of the event and these rules.

    What time should we arrive? 

  • Everybody Sing and dance Now, reserves the right to run up to One AND A HALF HOURS early at any events WE HAVE.

  • Therefore it is a very good idea to arrive earlier in case this happens. 

  • EBSDN  holds NO responsibility if you miss your event if we have run early.

  • We do update our Facebook Page regularly regarding running times, when an event is running.

  • It is the responsibility of the studio ( for troupes) , parent or guardian (solos/duos/trios) who have entered into the event to have access to this information.


  • What are the age groups?

  • Age Groups for Solos/Duos and Trios at Everybody Sing and Dance Now are odd ages.

  • 4/U 6/U 8/U 10/U 12/U 14/U 16/U Seniors  

  • Age for  Solo/Duo Everybody Sing and Dance Now event is age at - 1st January. 

  • Troupes are even ages and age as at 1st January.

  • 4/U. 6/U. 8/U. 10/U. 12/U. 14/U. 16/U. and Open Age. 

  • Troupes we do allow for a maximum of 2 competitors in a group to be within 1 year older then competing age group.

  • An example if a studio is registered for 12/U routine and they have 2 competitors who turned 13 in the December before cut off this is fine, however if there is more then two the group, they will need to be registered in the age group above - 14/U.  Please contact us for clarification if required.

    What genres are there for Dance Troupes  – Solo – Duo/Trio ?

  • Ballet - Choreography must contain Classical Ballet technique and steps.

  • Demi Character - Choreography must contain Ballet technique and steps the routine must tell a story through ballet steps.

  • Contemporary - Choreography containing expressive movements. Must demonstrate balance, flexibility and control. Contemporary will generally be more dramatic/stronger style then lyrical depending on the choreography.

  • Lyrical - Choreography containing expressive movements. Must demonstrate balance, flexibility & control. Lyrical will generally be softer style then contemporary depending on the choreography.

  • Hip Hop - Choreography containing the foundations of Hip Hop / Jazz funk.

  • Jazz - Choreography based on Jazz technique.

  • Broadway Jazz - Combines elements of musical theatre, with the music being danced to generally focused on Broadway Productions.

  • Tap - Choreography containing Tap technique.

  • Song and Dance - Can include song and dance / song and tap only.

  • Own Student Choreography - This needs to be choreographed by the performer only and we rely on your honesty for this!! 

  • Own Choice - This can be another routine, it could also be for a second routine in a section that you have already a routine in. As an example a troupe or soloist has 2 x Jazz routines, the second one can be entered under this category.

    Where do I register when I get to the venue?

  • As you walk in the door at each venue, registration will be as you walk into the venue.  

  • As we are now in COVID times, we ask that a representative come to the front desk to collect the armbands for the performers, that must be worn at all times whilst they are performing on their left wrist. 

  • Please remember, an event can run early so please arrive sooner rather than later. 

    How does the adjudicator score and what happens, if the nominated adjudicator on program, does not show up? 

  • Adjudicators will mark out of 100

  • Technique / Execution - 40%

  • Choreography - 20%

  • Presentation/Costuming - 10%

  • Overall Performance takes in visual appeal, confidence, appropriate choice of song for age, effective use of stage and entry and exit from the stage - 30%

  • Total = 100%

  • If an adjudicator is unable to perform their duties or can not make it, Everybody Sing and Dance Now will appoint a new adjudicator.





  • Music Uploads Management is coming to us, we will now be using this service for our competitions. It’s contactless, all online, and will help take out the stress of music issues that arise from time to time, Plus they offer Voice critiques and all in one storage location including the option to access the routine videos.

  • As a requirement to enter into the competition you will be required to upload your music via this service," in the given time period" no other options will be given.

  • No CDs ,USB’s will be used now as we are using this system totally contactless.  

  • Music Uploads offer this service and include features that will handle our music. This is a low cost paid service, (less than the cost of a USB) and includes a full range of benefits for The Dancers, Parents, and Studio owners, and event organisers. You will be required to have a valid "music upload cloud storage" that will allow you to store your Music, Voice Critiques, and Routine Videos all in one location. 

  • Plans are charged at a Minimum of 3 to 12 months starting at less than $1/month, Plus your music can be transferred to other participating competitions all over Australia without having to re upload your music each time.  

  • Region Add-Ons 

  • For each competition that is entered, you will need to add a region to your cloud account. This will link the Music, Critiques and Videos so they can be transferred or viewed from one to the other. The fee for this is per Family, Studio or School is $2.50, and there is no limit to siblings or students, it will just depend on your selected storage plan.  

  • How it Works

  • If you have already uploaded your music to this service before, you can simply purchase the region add-on, and transfer your music over to us.

  • If you are new to this, you need to set up the cloud storage account first and confirm it is active.

  • Upload your Music into the Storage Folder in your account. 

  • Transfer a copy of the songs to the Region, you can check them to make sure they are all correct. Done! No need to stress about your music now, as you now can see the music is 100% ready to go.

  • Just Remember, It is the responsibility of the competitors to ensure that they have the correct music files uploaded to each routine. You can change your music files at any time before the cutoff dates, and this is all done within your Music Uploads  account, you have full control over this from now. 

  • Critiques and Videos

  • Critiques will be uploaded either on the day or after the event has finished. 

  • To access these, log into your Music Uploads account and on the main dashboard page look to the top Left of the screen or on a mobile device click on the Menu list.

  • If the onsite video company is collaborating with Music Uploads they will deliver your videos directly into your storage account.  

  • Support 

  • If you would like some support there are videos located on the support page or you can send a ticket in, and one of the team members will respond to you. DO NOT Post on Social Media , Text or Message any questions to these pages, as the support team will not see them. You must send a ticket from the support page so they can offer you some assistance.


  • Voice Critiques 

  • You will ask, where do we get our voice critiques? 

  • The answer is - log into musicuploads.com.au look to the Top Left corner on the Dashboard page.

  •  You will see a  “ML” icon, This is where your critiques will be. 


  • We will upload your reports, when we have a break or get time.

  • Please understand, they DO take a while to upload and it also depends on the internet signal. Please….be patient and allow between - 2 to 48 hours! If you would like some help, use the Support Button, Do Not Post questions on Facebook , they will not see them there.

    Stage and Performers

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now is open to amateurs only.

  • An amateur refers to a person whose principal source of income is not and has not been derived from the exercise or teaching of dance.

  • Performers must enter and compete in their own age group, and no competing below age is permitted, however you may dance up an age group.

  • Please remember it is  not the responsibility of the backstage personnel to search for missing competitors.

  • You must report at the start of your section, to backstage and have your name marked off with our Backstage Manager, failure to do so, could have you marked off the program and disqualified.

  • Stage curtains will remain open for the entire Competition.

    Collecting Reports and Music

  • All critique's will uploaded to your portal at Music Uploads - www.musicuploads.com.au


  • Program

  • You must be prepared to perform at least 1 hour before your time, as some performers or studios might not show up. 

  • Costume changes with 3 or less numbers will be accommodated, you MUST let backstage manager know - ASAP.

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now will move up or back up performances to keep the competition running on time.

  • You are expected to perform in the order you are scheduled, however, in the case of insufficient entries at any event they may be combined. 

  • Sections will be divided into two separate sections if there are more than 20 performers in a section.

  • A draft program will be sent out no later than 3 weeks prior to the event.

  • You will then have one week to request any changes.

  • The final program will then be sent out two weeks prior to the event.

  • No changes will be made to the program once the final copy has been sent. 

  • We reserve the right to divide entries with excessive numbers and combine age groups where there are insufficient entries.

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now have the right to amend the program at any time, if necessary.

    Dressing Rooms 

  • All entrants are to change in the allocated changing rooms ONLY

  • Please remember to respect each other’s  1.5 meter space.  

  • Please ensure all dressing rooms are tidy at the end of the day.

  • Any messy changing rooms will result in a cleaning fee (payable by the entrants who shared the dressing room) up to $300.00 Any entrant found to have caused damage to the dressing room will be charged the relevant repair costs.

  • If existing damage is found within the dressing room, please notify EBSDN COMMITTEE MEMBER immediately. 

  • Photos will be taken of each dressing room at the beginning of each day; if any damage has been found by the   relevant entrants, a repair fee may be requested. 

    Song and Costume Choice

  • Please take care to select costumes, music, routine for general audience appeal. Inappropriate choreography or costumes too revealing may have deductions per discretion of the judges.

  • Our audience is made up of parents and impressionable young students!


  • The Backstage Manager MUST be notified of any props and people assisting side stage.

  •  If props are to be used at all, they should be appropriate and be a fully integrated part of the performance.

  • Props that are to be used for a performance must be side stage prior to the session commencing and to be taken straight off after performance.

  • Any props that require any form of power, must be tested and tagged within the date of the competition.

  • It is the responsibility of the performer and performers parent, to place props on the stage and to ensure that there are enough people to assist.​ 

  • There is a 60 second time limit to set props on stage. 

  • No baby powder, hairspray, glitter, or liquid to be sprayed or used on stage at all!!

  • If paper, petals etc are to be used, backstage manager must be told on your arrival.

  • Props are not to be dragged pulled or pushed onto stage area without wheels to protect stage floor. ANY Persons not adhering to this requirement will not be able to use the prop on stage.

  • ​Safety is paramount in the use of props at EBSDN we do not take responsibility for any injuries caused using props. (Please read section safety/injury) Any props left over at the conclusion of the event, will be placed in the bin.


  • Is ONLY allowed in 4/u and 6/u troupe sections.

  • NO PROMPTING from anywhere by students, studio owners and teachers during the performance. Anyone caught prompting in any other age group (except 4/u and 6/u) will lose 20 points from the total score. I know it’s hard when you are side stage and you just want to say something!


  • All dancers and teachers are expected to display good sportsmanship.

  • Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification.


  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserves the right to cancel any competition due to number of entries, or any other circumstance deemed necessary.

  • No refund of money if the entrant is unable to attend the event on the new nominated day.

  • You will be given a credit  to our next competition, only. 

  • ​If EBSDN is cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic or other catastrophic event or natural disaster or situation out of the control of EBSDN control, we will move the events online, or reschedule the competition to a new date. 

  • Am I entitled to a refund for my performer fee, because of COVID?

  • Performer Fee is non-refundable, as we will credit to the postponed competitions new date. 


  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserves the right to add additional competition days or move the competition location due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Any change in competition days and/or times is at the sole discretion of Everybody Sing and Dance Now and will be determined by the amount of time available at each competition.

  • No refund will be given, if you can not attend new dates. 

    Lost Property 

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now is not responsible for lost property.

  • Please do not leave your property and valuables in the auditorium or change rooms or unattended vehicles.

  • Please be responsible for all personal belongings. Be aware of surroundings and inform Everybody Sing and Dance Now representative of unsuitable or suspicious activity.

    Safety and Injury

  • First and foremost - Bullying by any person, including inappropriate comments or actions IS NOT tolerated at any Everybody Sing and Dance Now event and will result in instant disqualification and upon investigation, it will result in a permanent ban from any Everybody Sing and Dance Now event.

  • Participating in sport or dance competitions can be rigorous and may result in an injury.

  • They can include, but not limited to, sprains, bruises, pulled muscles, and broken bones.

  • Participation in Everybody Sing and Dance Now indicates the acceptance of such risks by members of the audience, performers parents, studio directors, teachers, the performers and troupe members. 

  • Therefore, by virtue of entering this event, it is agreed that participants will not hold Everybody Sing and Dance Now or its officers, directors, staff, volunteers responsible for any sustained injuries or illness contracted or sustained by them, while in attendance and /or participating in any activity related to Everybody Sing and Dance Now. 

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now and the hosting venues are not responsible for personal injury to performers, spectators or staff. 

  • The safety of our competition performers, spectators and staff is paramount at all Everybody Sing and Dance Now events.

  • Due to Everybody Sing and Dance Now being a public event, we always encourage all attendees to - Supervise children. 

  • It is also advisable that if you have a child in attendance at Everybody Sing and Dance Now, an adult should go to the toilet with them at all times. 


  • Photographs/recordings of participants by any of the Everybody Sing and Dance Now staff, contractors, or members of the press become the property of Everybody Sing and Dance Now and may be used for future publicity. 

  • The use of photos and videos for marketing purposes is granted to Everybody Sing and Dance Now upon receipt of a paid entry.

  • This consent would remain in place for 4 years.

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now and its organizers are not responsible for any injuries incurred and your registration and participation mean implied consent. {Please read safety and injury}

  • Third party photos are strictly prohibited, Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserves the right to control and mandate all venue images, the sale of any photos for profit from a Everybody Sing and Dance Now competition by any third-party vendor, studio or patron is strictly prohibited. 

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserves the right to change competition days or move location due to unforeseen circumstances and entries will not be refunded.

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now does not accept late entries, also once entry has been received there is NO REFUND. Once the program is available a $5.00 fee will be charged for any changes or adjustments to current entries. This includes changing the style of the performance, changing the age group, changing from small, medium to large, or any other changes that are a result of your incorrect registration. 

  • This fee will not be charged when Everybody Sing and Dance Now have made an error, or we combine sections and have offered alternative sections.