Registration is Closed

Closing Date

13 Aug, 11:00 pm
Caboolture, 65/61 King St, Caboolture QLD 4510, Australia

About the Event



If as a teacher, you would prefer they just wear blacks, that is fine.

If you would like them to, they may wear costumes.

We do ask them to wear appropriate shoes, do their hair and makeup and perform their hearts out.


  • There will be a panel of 2 adjudicators for each session.
  • Adjudicators will score individually and points will be combined for a total out of 200.
  • Technique 40%
  • Unison 20%
  • Presentation 20%
  • Choreography/Staging 10%
  • Entertainment Value 10%
  • Total =100%  


  • Kindy to Yr 2
  • Primary School Years 3 to 6 
  • High School Junior Years - Year 7 to 10
  • High School Senior Years - Year 11 to 12

  • COST
  • $40.00 - Per Education Troupe Entry
  • $20.00 - Performer Fee it also allows ONE SPECTAOR IN TO WATCH. 
  • Items exceeding the time limit will be disqualified and not eligible for a prize.
  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserves the right to combine sections depending on entries received.
  • Performers' Age is calculated from 1st January.
  • All Group performers must be within the correct age limit of the section.
  • Age Averaging will not apply for Everybody Sing and Dance Now 
  • EBSDN  reserves the right to combine age categories depending on entries received.  
  • Voice Critiques
  • Music Uploads -
  • EBSDN has a  fun, friendly vibe - let's do this together.

  • There is no door fee anymore, we now charge a performer fee, which is $20 for all Education Troupe Performers.
  • Once you register for EBSDN Education Troupes we will email you a link so parents can pay. 
  • This payment allows ONE PARENT ONLY TO ATTEND. 

  •  No refunds will be made for groups who are unable to attend, because their school has had a COVID outbreak, we will credit them to the next Troupe event or move the event online.
  • Performers are not entitled to any refund of fee or transfer of fees in case of non-appearance in any section whatsoever.
  • Change of mind or any other reason, by entering into the competition you agree that we are to provide an event that is a competition where you are adjudicated by an adjudicator and given an award if deemed so.
  • We are not in control of who enters or what the numbers are in particular sections.
  • EBSDN likes to have more than one in a section and if you are the only competitor, we will move or create an Own Choice section.
  • Under Consumer Law there are limited circumstances where refunds are permitted.
  • These circumstances generally relate to where the services provided are not rendered with due care and skill or in compliance with a specified purpose or provided within a reasonable time.
  • They do not include circumstances where you change your mind or being unable to attend to for any reason.
  • Entry to the competition is subject to you agreeing to all the rules and conditions in this document.
  • If you request entries or changes to be made by the EBSDN team you also agree to the rules and conditions in this document.
  • EBSDN will be running in AGE GROUP ORDER  and each "session" will be just one age group.
  • This way we can manage the number of people at any one time and maintain the strict Covid-19 regulations.
  • We are committed to producing a Covid-safe event!
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at all entry points
  • Audience members are welcome to wear masks.
  • The Audience will sit in school allocated areas, ONLY.
  • We have enough dressing room space to accommodate 150 dancers at a time, whilst still meeting the 4sqm rule
  • We have allocated cleaning breaks between sessions!
  • Additional event staff for Covid Marshalling
  • Every person that attends EBSDN Education Troupes, will be required to QR Code in.
  • Please note: dressing room teachers will be allocated a pass.

  • NEW 2021 RULE - Only one routine per school allowed in each section where there are less than 4 competitors (unless there is no double up of performers).
  • This is to avoid waiting for costume changes.
  • If an event is cancelled due to a COVID OUTBREAK we will reschedule the event or move it online.
  • Entries will not be added to the schedule until full payment has been received.
  • Entry fees will be accepted through PayPal.
  • Places are very limited due to COVID and entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
  • EBSDN reserves the right to bring forward the Registration and close entries early.
  • EBSDN will only take entries by the  Studio Directors and can be made on-line following the links.
  • As we sell out every year, please enter as soon asap.


  •  All prizes will be announced and distributed in a special awards ceremony at the end of each AGE GROUPS session.
  • Special awards will also be presented for the following categories:
  • Highest Troupe Point Score
  • EBSDN Teachers Award
  • EBSDN Backstage Troupe Award

  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now - Use's Music Uploads
  • Time limit - is 4 minutes for GROUPS
  • Music Uploads Management - It’s contactless, all online, and will help take out the stress of music issues that arise from time to time, Plus they offer Voice critiques and all in one storage location including the option to access the routine videos.
  • As a requirement to enter the competition you will be required to upload your music via this service," in the given time period" no other options will be given.
  • No CDs, USB’s will be used now as we are using this system totally contactless.
  • Music Uploads offer this service and include features that will handle our music. This is a low cost paid service, (less than the cost of a USB) and includes a full range of benefits for The Dancers, Parents, and Studio owners, and event organisers. You will be required to have a valid "music upload cloud storage" that will allow you to store your Music, Voice Critiques, and Routine Videos all in one location.
  • Plans are charged at a Minimum of 3 to 12 months starting at less than $1/month, plus your music can be transferred to other participating competitions all over Australia without having to re upload your music each time.

  • If you have already uploaded your music to this service before, you can simply purchase the region add-on, and transfer your music over to us.
  • If you are new to this, you need to set up the cloud storage account first and confirm it is active.
  • Upload your Music into the Storage Folder in your account.
  • Transfer a copy of the songs to the Region, you can check them to make sure they are all correct.
  • Done! No need to stress about your music now, as you now can see the music is 100% ready to go.
  • Just Remember, it is the responsibility of the STUDIO to ensure that they have the correct music files uploaded to each routine.
  • You can change your music files at any time before the cut off dates, and this is all done within your Music Uploads account, you have full control over this from now.

  • For each competition that is entered, you will need to add a region to your cloud account.
  • This will link the Music, Critiques and Videos so they can be transferred or viewed from one to the other.
  • The fee for this is per Family, Studio or School is $2.50, and there is no limit to siblings or students, it will just depend on your selected storage plan.

  • You will ask, where do we get our voice critiques?
  • The answer is - log into look to the Top Left corner on the Dashboard page.
  • You will see a “ML” icon, this is where your critiques will be.
  • Critiques will be uploaded either on the day or that night.
  • To access these, log into your Music Uploads account and on the main dashboard page.
  • You need to look to the top left of the screen or on a mobile device click on the menu list.
  • If the onsite video company is collaborating with Music Uploads, they will deliver your videos directly into your storage account as well.

  • If you would like some support there are videos located on the support page or you can send a ticket in, and one of the team members will respond to you. DO NOT Post on Social Media, Text or Message any questions to these pages, as the support team will not see them. You must send a ticket from the support page so they can offer you some assistance.

  • We will upload your reports when we have a break or get time.
  • Please understand, they DO take a while to upload, and it also depends on the internet signal.
  • Please….be patient and allow between - 2 to 48 hours!
  • If you would like some help, use the Support Button, Do Not Post questions on Facebook, as they will not see them there.


  • Prizes -  winners will be awarded 1st. 2nd. 3rd places with trophies.
  • All performers in groups will receive an Everybody Sing and Dance Now certificate.
  • Everybody Sing and Dance Now reserves the right to provide alternate prizes at our discretion.
  • Performers - Everybody Sing and Dance Now is open to amateurs only.
  • An amateur refers to a person whose principal source of income is not and has not been derived from the exercise or teaching of dance.
  • Performers must enter and compete in their own age group, and no competing below age is permitted.
  • Bullying - Everybody Sing and Dance Now,  does not tolerate bullying, including inappropriate comments or actions.
  • This will NOT be tolerated at ANY - Everybody Sing and Dance Now event and will result in instant disqualification, upon investigation.
  • Change Rooms - all entrants are to change in the allocated changing rooms ONLY.
  • Dressing rooms will be allocated at the beginning of each day for TROUPES and we also send an email out to studios with a floor map, along with program.
  • Please remember to respect each other’s space and personal belongings.
  • Please ensure all dressing rooms are tidy at the end of the day.
  • Any messy changing rooms will result in a cleaning fee (payable by the entrants who shared the dressing room) up to $300.00
  • Any entrant found to have caused damage to the dressing room will be charged the relevant repair costs.
  • If existing damage is found within the dressing room, please notify  EBSDN COMMITTEE MEMBER immediately.
  • Photos will be taken of each dressing room at the beginning of each day; if any damage has been found by the   relevant entrants, a repair fee may be requested.
  • Please be mindful when taking photos as performers are in states of undress and imagine your child or troupes in the background, getting changed.


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