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                   Everybody Sing and Dance Now  Code of Conduct 

 It is vital that everyone involved in Singing and Dance activities, whether they are singing or  dance students, teachers, parents, competition organisers, photographers, videographers or  supporters. Understand their responsibilities to ensure that all  participants enjoy the Art of  Singing and Dance.


Its everyone’s responsibly to ensure we are all operating in a safe and fair  environment for all working towards a friendlier, community approach with everyone’s best  interests in mind.


Which will only give the art of Singing and Dance more value and good  memories that will last for a life time.


 As a person required to comply with this Policy, you must meet the following requirements with  regard to your conduct during any of the Singing and Dance competitions that are held by  Everybody Sing and Dance Now.

 1. Treat all persons with respect and courtesy and have proper regard for their dignity, rights and  obligations.

 2. Be ethical, fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others.

 3. Make a commitment to providing quality service and support for everyone

 4. Operate within the rules and spirit of the Singing and Dance competition

 5. Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility especially when dealing with persons  under 18 years of age, as your words and actions are an example.

 7. Always place the safety and welfare of children above other considerations.

 8. Avoid unaccompanied and unobserved activities with persons under 18 years of age,  wherever possible

 9. Comply with all relevant Australian laws (Federal and State), particularly anti-discrimination and child protection laws

 10. Refrain from any behavior that may bring the  competition organisations or affiliates into  disrepute

 11. Supply a first aid kit and a first aid officer for your studio at each event you attend

 12. Show concern and caution towards others who may be sick or injured.

 13. Be a positive role model.

 14. Be responsible and accountable for your conduct.

 15. Provide a safe environment for the conduct of the activity

 16.At no point are any photos or video to be taken inside a change room



 We are firmly Bully Free and reward acts of kindness at our events.Please be considerate around  others and support ALL competitors and Studios for the duration of the event. Any evidence of  bullying from anyone at the event will be dealt with accordingly and may result in instant  disqualification.


 Positive social media promotion is welcomed using official tags and relevant links.

However  posts on any social media forum that are considered to be damaging in any way by Director/s toward any person involved in our events will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification and/or a Permanent ban from future competitions held by EBSDN.

This includes posts prior,  during or post event/s which may in any way:​

 Intimidate, bully, harass or discourage another person from participating in our events;​ Which may damage valuable sponsorship arrangements; or, may cast doubt upon the  integrity,  professionalism and/or reputation of  EBSDN Code of Behaviour.


We highly encourage everyone to applaud all acts that take to the stage.
Be ready when called but don’t move into the wings until the troupe or group before you have finished competing. Please be quiet in the wings and stand well back, always remember if you  can see the audience, they can see you.​ Try not to get disheartened if you don’t win.

​Follow the rules of the competition you are attending.

​Never argue with a judge or competition official over results.

​Respect those around you. Bullying or harassment of other dancers or competition will not be  tolerated.

​Work equally hard for yourself and your team.

​Be a good sport. Applaud and support all dancers no matter what dance school they represent.

Treat all participants as you would like to be treated, respect the rights, dignity and worth of all  participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

If you see something that does seem right never be afraid to report to the director of the competition.

 "When you truly study top performers in any field, what sets them apart is not their physical skill;  it is how they control their minds”




Remember that young people participate for pleasure, and winning is only part of the fun.

​Never ridicule or yell at a young performer for making a mistake or not coming first

​Be reasonable in your demands on dancer’s time, energy and enthusiasm

​Ensure that the time dancers spend with you is a positive experience. All young people are  equally deserving of attention and opportunities.

​Ensure that the facilities you are provide meet safety standards.

​Display control, respect and professionalism to all involved with dance. Encourage your dancers  to do the same.

​Always practice safe dance teaching techniques including awareness to dancers who are not  overly flexible.

​Any physical contact with a young person should be appropriate to the situation and necessary  for the dancer’s skill development.

​Provide a qualified first aid person at each event with your own first aid kit and ensure you have  a first aid kit and a first aid person with you at events.

​Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

​Create opportunities to teach appropriate behaviour as well as basic skills. 

​Make young people aware of the positive benefits of participation in dancing. 

​Use appropriate choreography and costuming for each age group.

​If you see something that does not seem right don't be afraid to report or assist.

​Ensure you have all the correct working with children checks in place.



First and foremost - remember to applaud ALL competitors.

​Remember that children participate in Dance for their enjoyment, not yours

​Encourage children to participate, do not force them.

​Focus on your child’s efforts, performance and improvement rather than whether they win or not.

Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a competition.

​Remember that children learn best by example.
Appreciate all competitors and good performances verbal and physical abuse will not be tolerated.

​Respect all adjudicators decisions and teach children to do likewise. 

​Show appreciation for competition volunteers, staff, judges and teachers.
Without them there would be no competition for your child to compete in. 

​Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability,  cultural background or religion. 

​Do not use foul language, sledge or harass dancers, teachers or competition volunteers and staff. If you see something that does not seem right don't be afraid to report or assist.


Compliment and encourage ALL participants.

Be consistent, objective and courteous when making decisions.

Give constructive criticisms to dancers that will encourage and learn from. 

Remember you set an example.

Your behaviour and comments should be positive and supportive.

Place the safety and welfare of performers above all else.

Give all young people a ‘fair go’ regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

Be aware of what is acceptable costuming and choreography for each age group.  If you see something that does not seem right don't be afraid to report or assist.