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Mr and Miss EBSDN 


Shining Stars Award 


It's all about the Glitz and Glamour in our MR and MISS EBSDN section.

It's about what our performers bring to entertain our audience in one of our new sections.

To be able to enter this new section, the performer must of danced in two of the following sections.

Fast Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Song and Dance, Musical Theatre, Jazz Impro or Prop Impro!  Entertainment is what matters the most in this section!

We do need to see that great technique and those BIG personalities!! 

This does require a NEW routine. 

Mr and Miss EBSDN will be judged on:

Technique 20

Entertainment Factor 30

The Glitz and Glamour Costuming Factor 20

Stage Presence 20

Choreography 10 

Total = 100


All soloists placing first in their sections at our solo events are invited to attend the EBSDN SHINING STAR AWARDS.

This is where they will compete against all those in  their age groups who also placed first! 

Every day at our EBSDN Solo events we will have 4 Wild Shining Star Cards to be given out as well. 

You will need to register at our front desk and there is a fee of $25 to enter.

We will have 1 winner and 3 runner ups. 

To secure your place,be sure you pay and confirm that you will be taking part.

You do this by getting your name marked onto the show run, before you leave the competition. 

We will have two new adjudicators and an MC, it will be run in a show format.