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  • Hello and welcome to Everybody Sing and Dance Now. 

  • EBSDN is a competition with a difference.

  • We are PROUD and COMMITED to providing a safe, professional, and fun atmosphere for performers of all levels to showcase their talents.

  • We value every performer and the unique skills they bring to the stage and know it takes courage to stand in front of an audience and perform. 

  • We believe that all parents, studio directors and performers should enjoy the experience of competing in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. 

  • We all love performing and believe we have created a unique vibe at EBSDN for everyone to enjoy!

  •  As we want each performer to be able to feel special up on that stage. 

  • EBSDN encourages you to know that the emphasis is for ALL performers to enjoy their time at EBSDN in a warm and friendly environment. 

  • We believe in creating an environment that even the Dance Dads and Dance Grand Dads feel comfortable in.   

  • While we have that fun and relaxed vibe, we do run a professional event, which we ourselves have learnt and developed over the 14yrs we have been in operation.   

  • During COVID, Jen connected more with - Peter Oxford of Showcase Australian Dance Championships.

  • Which now means that EBSDN is a qualifying competition for Showcase, which is a fantastic opportunity for the performers. 

  • It means you can qualify with us at nominated venues and if your performer places 1st. 2nd or 3rd in Solos or Duos/Trios they have qualitied for SHOWCASE NATIONALS, which are held in January at Star City Casino, on The Gold Coast.   

  • The same for Troupes, if your Troupe places - 1st. 2nd or 3rd, they have qualified for Showcase

  • EBSDN provides performers the opportunity to be critiqued by judges who understand the specific genre they are adjudicating, making this competition a fantastic learning opportunity for every performer.

  • We can't wait to welcome you at EBSDN - The Stage Is Yours.


  • EBSDN was created when Jenny and her family had their Dance Studio. ( Danze Gallery) 

  • A young dancer from another studio had cancer, so EBSDN was created. 

  • As a studio and a person, Jen and her friend Tracey, worked alongside Cancer Council  and helped to create Relay For Life Shellharbour. Jen was on the original planning committee at Cancer Council Illawarra for Dance for Cancer.

  • In EBSDN early years we would donate any profit made to Bears Cottage.

  • When the bushfires happened, EBSDN donated money to Albion Park Rural Fire Brigade.

  • The years 2020 to 2022 saw only one donation before our June Troupe 2020.

  • If Jen could of foreseen that COVID was about to hit, there is no way she would of sent off another donation towards the Fires and instead would of gladly refunded all studios for the June Troupe entries. 

  • We were very fortunate then to make a connection with Illawarra Sports Stadium in Berkley.

  • We managed to reschedule June 2020 Troupes to October 2020 and after months of at times free online competitions, we were able to hold our FIRST LIVE competition. 

  • It is with thanks to these wonderful adjudicators, who worked at times for free during LOCKDOWN - Chris Wood. Brad Green. Sonyia Walsh, Julie Jobson, Benjamin May. Crystal Howarth, Tannah Crelley and Sophie Elbourn.

  • These wonderful people worked so hard in helping create and adjudicate all our online competitions. 

  • EBSDN TEAM is made up of beautiful humans who just get why Jen does what she does. 

  • EBSDN is not just a competition, is a beautiful community. 

  • 2020, 2021 and 2022 have been some of the toughest years for EBSDN, but with the continued support of the beautiful community that is DANCE and SINGING.

  • EBSDN have managed to have kept our head above the water. It is thanks to all of you who enter and keep entering, that we have managed to make EBSDN what it is.

  • Our Team Mottos is - Team Work Makes the Dream Work


 Since opening in 2010 Everybody Sing and Dance Now is proud to have given many performers opportunities.

EBSDN was started as there was a young dancer who was diagnosed with cancer and we wanted to raise awareness about this disease. Over the years we have donated to many charities and we have helped many families.

Unfortunately, COVID has put a stop to that, and we can hardly wait to be able to start donating again! 
One of the best compliments we get from dads, mums, studio owners, teachers and guests.
"The minute you walk through the doors, you feel a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, your team are professional from front of house to back stage and it creates a unique and happy atmosphere"
EBSDN are committed to not only providing professional adjudicators, but going above and beyond to ensure those performers who attend EBSDN are in a nurturing environment.

We thank all the wonderful families and studios that have volunteered over the years, to keep EBSDN the COMMUNITY competition it is. 

Thank you for your support - ALWAYS xo 


Phone: 0423 241 774 

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